Argyle Attic Winter Menu 2018

New menus are always temperamental. Some people love what you have going on, consistency that is, others want new stuff every week… Which is probably a side effect of scanning through Instagram every minute of every day…

Well, we launched a new menu a few weeks ago and the reception has been positively glowing. You asked for them and we delivered with our Nachos for Two smothered in smoked Mozzarella, corn, black beans, edamame and pickled Jalapeños. A Roasted Cauliflower dip is sure to keep the dippers in your life happy and we’ve expanded our Burgers + Sandwiches with the OG Lamb Burger, Donair King and Banh Mi Chicken Wrap. And to ensure we call back to the roots of pub culture, we’ve added a classic Shepherd’s Pie alongside a slow cooked Vegetarian Chili and a Mac & Cheese that has REAL cheese. A lot of real cheese.

Of course there’s more, but we’ll let you come down, order up some plates, and wash it all down with one of our great cocktails or a splash of whiskey.

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