Curated Whisky Flight

New to the Attic, we now have a Curated Whisky Flight.

This month we’re featuring the following:

deVine Ancient Grains Quarter Cask
Craft distilled with organic BC barley, spelt, emmer, khorosan and einkorn (the ancestors of all modern grains) into one of the most unique and flavourful whiskies you’ll ever taste. Candied fruit and macadamia nuts combine with spicy notes of clove, allspice and smoke.

Legend Distilling Wyatt Whisky
Aromas of dried fruits, vanilla and spice. Gentle notes of dried fruit & hazelnuts on the palate with a fresh grain finish.

Fermentorium Small Talk Whisky
Caramel, vanilla and honey with coconut, dried fig, spice and floral hops on the nose. Palate is stretched out with sweet oak.

Served with a side of Evian Water, half ounce servings and all for just $25.

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