Attic Food Features June17

These little wings of cauliflower goodness make for a perfect time when you’re with friends and sipping a cocktail or two.

A quality dog with gooey Mac & Cheese would be enough for most people, but we added bacon to it, and oh my… From the carnivore to the non-meater eater, try our Cauliflower Wings that have a slow build of heat after your first bite, and you can’t just have one bite of course. Summer is Greek Salad and our take on it adds some greens, quinoa, and a smoked artichoke vinaigrette that all adds up to a perfect lunch. Hope you’ve saved room for dessert, our deep-fried Mini Donuts with berry compote, caramel and whipped cream look like a well made bloody mess, but OMG, are they ever delicious.

These are all limited, but should be available for the next two weeks. Catch ya soon.

Cauliflower Wings
Cauliflower marinaded in buttermilk and spices. Deep fried and served with ranch and spicy mayo

Attic Greek Salad
Mixed greens with black olives, red peppers, red onion, cucumber, feta cherry tomatoes, quinoa and sundried tomato & smoked artichoke vinaigrette

Bacon Mac & Cheese Dog
Two Rivers all beef hot dog on a pretzel bun with beer mustard, bacon and creamy mac & cheese. Served with choice of side

Mini donuts tossed in cinnamon sugar with berry compote, caramel & whipped cream

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