New Summer Menu

Over the past couple months, our new Chef Nick Collins, has been putting trying a wide variety of amazing food items on our bi-weekly Feature Sheets at Argyle Attic and Smiths. From all that research, fun research at that, Nick has launched his first new menu at the Attic. We’ve embraced more of our vegetarian friends (we’re still working on more true pub-friendly Vegan items), and also looked deep into the eyes of our carnivorous friends and delivered all they could ever drool for.

+Dirty Burger with a Shot of Gravy
+Pulled Pork Sliders
+Cauliflower Wings
+All Day Breakfast Poutine
+Northern Fried Chicken Sandwich
+Beef Dip
+Meat is Murder Burger with Beyond Meat

You read those items correctly… Check out the entire menu HERE.

Now there’s a whole LOT going on there and you might have a few questions.

Guess we’ll be seeing you soon 😉

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